In some circumstances applicant/applications can be refused onto North Tyneside Homefinder. This will be assessed using our Lettings Policy.

Immigration control

By law, the following people will not be able to join the register:

  • Those subject to immigration control under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

  • Those who are from abroad who are not subject to immigration control nor habitually resident in the UK, the Channel Isles, the Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland

However, the rules around immigration are very complex. Please contact Homefinder for further information.

Unsuitable behaviour 

You may be assessed to be ineligible if you are guilty of unsuitable behaviour. This also includes household members.

Unacceptable behaviour is behaviour which would, if the person was either a Council tenant or a member of a Council tenant’s household, entitle the landlord to take possession proceedings under certain grounds contained in the Housing Act 1985.

Examples can include:

  • Previous/current arrears

  • Housing related debt

  • Previous/current property damage

  • Serious anti-social behaviour

  • Convicted of allowing the property to be used for illegal or immoral purposes

  • Committing domestic violence

  • Convicted of an offence in the property or in the area of a property

  • Making a false statement in order to obtain accommodation

  • Failing to provide relevant information that has been reasonably requested to verify your application


Once your application has been assessed you will be advised if you are not eligible to join North Tyneside Homefinder.