Choice based lettings means that you can bid for affordable housing which is advertised on North Tyneside Homefinder. A bid is an expression of interest and shows that you would like to be considered for the property.

  • Please note that your position will change as bids by other customers are made.
  • You can only bid for a property if your application has been accepted onto our register.

You will only be able to bid for properties where you meet the advertised criteria. We recommend that you only bid for the properties that you wish to apply for.

  • You can make up to 3 bids each week on Choice Based Lettings. The bidding cycle for these runs from 12:01am on Thursday until Monday at midnight.
  • You can also place additional bids on Available Now properties which are constantly advertised on the lettings system.

Please do not bid for any homes, that if offered you would not take, as this may affect your priority for housing.

Successful bids will depend on the Local Authority policy and eligibilty.

There are a number of ways to bid:

  • Online

  • By phoning our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 2000 101

  • By visiting one of our Customer First Centres:

Killingworth Customer First Centre 

North Shields Customer First Centre 

Wallsend Customer First Centre

Whitley Bay Customer First Centre 

Before bidding you can see your current position for the property. This could help you to decide whether or not to make an alternative bid. You can choose to withdraw your bid at any time during the bidding period, and can place alternative bids.

Please note that your position may change as other bids are made.

You will only be contacted if your bid is successful, please make sure your current contact information is up to date.


Properties may be advertised with preference given to a particular group, which means that they will be considered first. For example, a bungalow may be advertised for applicants over the age of 55, but preference will be given to applicants over the age of 60.

In situations where you come to the top of the list for a property which has been adapted and you have no need for this, applicants who have been assessed to have this need may be considered above you. Examples of adaptations include stairlifts and level access showers.

The advert will state if preference will be given to particular types of applicants.   


Direct lets

Some properties will be offered directly to applicants whose needs cannot be met through the bidding process. Properties allocated as a direct let will appear in Recent Lets.

For more information on bidding please see the FAQ.